In 2006, we launched a series of publications that tell stories about life in Old Lyme.

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Remarkable Women of Old Lyme, History Press 2015
$22 (plus $5 shipping & handling)


Old Lyme's history owes much to innovative women. Suffragist Katherine Ludington was co-founder of the League of Women Voters. In the 1830s, Phoebe Griffin Noyes started one of the first art schools in the country. At the turn of the 20th century, Florence Griswold welcomed the artists of the Lyme Art Colony by creating the "Birthplace of American Impressionism". By World War II, Teddy Kenyon had made her mark as a test pilot. Old Lyme's artistic tradition was continued by Elizabeth Cordon Chandler, who founded the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 1976. Hear the fascinating stories of these and other Remarkable Women of Old Lyme.

Noteworthy Houses of Old Lyme (2013)
$15 (plus $5 shipping & handling)

A 16" x 20" four color poster of eleven local houses built between 1666 and 1913 and an accompanying booklet which describes the architectural features of the houses and includes a snapshot of informatioin about events occuring in Connecticut around the time the houses were built. Written by Alison C. Mitchell and Michaelle Pearson, with additional research by Leslie Markowicz. Photography and poster design by James Meehan.

The Charm of the Place: Old Lyme in the 1920s (2011)


Second Printing (2014)
$25 (plus $4 shipping & handling)


Inspired by a remarkable 1929 advertising mural found in the Old Lyme Grange Hall in 2007, this book explores the town's social, economic and architectural landscape in the 1920s. Written by journalist and Old Lyme native Carolyn Wakeman, the book is illustrated with paintings, photos postcards, and maps.

Paperback, Second edition, 88 pages.

Rum Runners, Governors, Beachcombers & Socialists: Views of the Beaches in Old Lyme (2010) Third Printing (2014)
$25 (plus $4 shipping & handling)


Written by Old Lyme residents Jim Lampos and Michaelle Pearson, Rum Runners is an intricately researched, intriguing exploration of the beach communities from Griswold Point in the west to Point O’ Woods in the east. Illustrations include a map of the Old Lyme shoreline, decades-old newspaper clippings and postcards, and original photographs. Paperback, Third edition, 88 pages.


The Land Savers (2009)
$20 (plus $4 shipping & handling)

Written by Peter Bernard in cooperation with local conservation trusts and the Florence Griswold Museum. The Land Savers is an overview of the town's open space resources and how they came to be set aside in the first place. Includes color reproductions of American Impressionist paintings of local scenes. Paperback, 68 pages.

The Hurricane of 1938: Old Lyme Remembers (2008) 
$20 (plus $4 shipping & handling)

Written by local author Michele Dickey. This monograph commemorates the 70th anniversary of the hurricane that caused major property damage in Old Lyme, especially its beaches. Paperback, 45 pages

This Ancient & Interesting Town

This Ancient and Interesting Town  (2007) 
$15 (plus $4 shipping & handling)

This is a reprint of an 1876 article by Martha I. Lamb, originally published in Harper’s magazine, that recounts Old Lyme’s history through anecdotes about many of its prominent residents. Paperback, 40 pages.

Poverty Island

Poverty Island (2006)
$12 (plus $4 shipping & handling)

Written by Neri A. Clark, this is a memoir of a young man’s adventures and hard times on a 500-acre island off Griswold Point during the Great Depression. Illustrations were provided by Old Lyme artist Catherine Christiano. Paperback, 30 pages.

Books may be purchased at the Old Lyme–Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library (cash or check only) or online via PayPal.

All proceeds benefit the Old Lyme Historical Society.

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